The Fluffiest rabbit litter in the world

In the spring of 2021 someone contacted Maddie looking for a “surrogate rabbit”. Her friend’s rabbit had 4 babies, and sadly had passed away unexpectedly. The owner was trying to raise the babies on her own, but quickly determined that they were not able to care for them appropriately. Maddie quickly stepped in as “foster mom” and hand raised these 4 babies. They had a rocky start and had to be fed with a special tube, but quickly learned how to nurse from a syringe. They were all successfully raised and adopted into amazing homes. They are thriving and have turned into quite the fluff balls! They are the rabbits featured in our logo.

Super Mom Stubby and her
19 babies

Stubby (affectionately named due to her missing her right front leg) is a super mom! Several months ago she was rescued from a hoarding situation where over 300 rats were living in a residence after the homeowners became overwhelmed. A rescue organization took her in along with 120 other rats. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, when there was a bit of an “oops” and Stubby gave birth to a litter of babies. Two of her other cage mates also had litters around the same time. Her cage mates were not interested in being mothers, so Stubby took on the task of taking care of TWENTY little babies. She really is a super mom! Despite her handicap, she is the best mom. She makes sure all of her babies and her adopted babies are kept warm and fed. Her babies were born on January 21, 2022. Stubby will be looking for a forever home (ideally with at least one of her daughters) starting in the beginning of March, once the babies are weaned.

Update – March 2022: All of Stubby’s babies, and super mom Stubby have found amazing homes!

Syrian Hamsters

These 3 Syrian Hamster boys were transferred to the rescue from another small animal rescue organization. They were surrendered by a backyard breeder that became overwhelmed. They have all since found great homes!

Buster and Moon

Buster and Moon are two 4 month old rats looking for their forever home! They were rescued from a hoarding situation in which 300 rats were living in a home. They spent over 4 months in a foster home and learned how to be wonderful companions! They even enjoyed spending time with the dog that lived in their foster home. They have moved in to the Bronx, and are going to be the most spoiled city rats ever!


We have several baby rats available for adoption! We had 10 baby boys surrendered to our rescue from the local humane society. They are about 8 weeks old and are very friendly and well socialized! They would be a perfect addition to any household, and are great for kids and first time rat owners! All of the babies from this litter have been adopted! However we do get rat surrenders frequently!

Cotton Ball

Meet Cotton ball! This adorable chunky dwarf hamster is about a year old. He graduated college recently, but unfortunately was not allowed to go back home with his owner, so he was surrendered to the rescue. He is one smart hamster and enjoys foraging for food, playing in his sand box and making burrows in his enclosure. He is a bit on the heavy side, he definitely gained the freshman 15. We are hoping with a diet change and a good wheel he’ll be beach body ready in no time. He has been adopted by a wonderful family that is currently working on his diet plan 🙂