Welcome to our rescue page! We are a newly established exotic companion animal rescue located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. For updated information about our available animals, or for any general questions please visit us on our Social media page! You may also find a list of our adoptable animals on our petfinder page.

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Our missions

Animal Rescue

We are a small organization that specializes in helping exotic companion animals. From rabbits to chameleons, we accept them all! Our members have extensive knowledge of exotic animal species and our hope is to ensure that the animals in our care find forever homes!


One of the goals of Small n Furry rescue is to educate the public about exotic companion animal pet ownership and the responsibilities that come with it. Our comprehensive care guides will be available to adopers and we are always available to answer questions about how to provide your new pets with the best care!

Adopt don’t shop!

Our goal is to educate the public about the downside of purchasing exotic pets from unreliable resources. We hope that one day we will not see live animals sold in large chain stores.


Phone: (732)-639-0425
Email smallnfurryrescue@gmail.com


Monmouth County,
New Jersey